what is probiotics?

what is probioticswhat is probiotics and what is prebiotik usefulness?. Probiotics are good bacteria found in the intestinal wall to make us stronger and adviser. He was a good kesihatan promote, produce balance and help penghadaman system to function properly.

The fact that you need to know about your gastrousus system:

A complex ecosystem comprising more than 400 species of bacteria
Consists instead of good bacteria and bad bacteria
Good bacteria is a normal inhabitant of the intestines and does not bring harm to the body. He helped promote penghadaman and absorption of nutrients into the body more memorable
Baktenia either help prevent or escort the bad breeding undesirable bacteria or pathogens that also live there. Caused his form good bacteria and bad bacteria in our stomachs, then we must necessarily ensure the balance of their populations.

what is probiotics factor?

However, there are several factors and circumstances that may disrupt the good bacteria population namely aging, stress, taking antibiotics, birth control pills, which are not advisory lifestyle and unbalanced diet.

what is probiotics Disturbance?

Disturbance of balance in the system should encourage breeding gastrousus bad bacteria and increase the risk of inflammation, infectious diseases and various other diseases more.

What happens if the balance disturbed intestinal microflora?
Symptoms that need to be considered is bloated stomach, tight stomach, stomach pain, diarrhea and constipation-ass. Loss of appetite, skin outbreaks and Alahan also a marker of intestinal microflora balance problems.

Study shows that probiotics provide protection against gastro-intestinal diseases such as impaired bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, ulcers colitis, and food Alahan.

what is probiotics goodness and what is probiotics negative effect ?

The goodness of probiotics for the proven clinical kesihatan:

Relieve and reduce symptoms of Alahan to lactose (milk)
The enzyme lactase lactose exchange (in the product tenusu) to glucose and galactose that may be used by our bodies. Those who menghidap Alahan to lactose has a stage that is not enough lactase enzyme. This means dihadamkan lactose and should not be absorbed, resulting in diarrhea-ass, tight stomach, abdominal bloating and abdominal pain dibahagian. Probiotics such as Lactobacillus gasseri producing lactase, by which he can help improve a low stage of the enzyme once gus rnengurangkan Alahan these symptoms.

Improve penghadaman
A balanced intestinal microflora has a positive impression on penghadaman ketara. He helped oversee non-hadaman and tight stomach after eating.

Increase the absorption of minerals
Probiotics also help increase the absorption of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in the body.

Produce vitamin
Berkeupayaan Probiotics produce vitamins such as vitamin C and and some types of vitamin B.

Relieve symptoms of diarrhea-ass
Probiotics have been proven to relieve clinical symptoms and shortening the sediment-ass tempoh and frequency of sediment-ass. Probiotics restore the balance of microflora, which became unbalanced due to sesetengah ubat such as antibiotics kill all types of bacteria including the good bacteria.

Strengthens immune system bodies
Gastrousus system is the largest organ of the body resistance to the body. The situation against baktenia and a balanced system can relieve immunological stress associated with the system entities that are not advisory.
Bahawa probiotics have been proven anti-colonial impression upon the memudaratkan bacteria. Another positive impression as income prevented toxic materials (impression than the metabolic byproducts of the body or evil baktena) have also been demonstrated.
Probiotics are also found to be positive upward meniberi impression gastrousus some diseases such as IBS and inflammatory bowel disease. Recent study shows that by taking probiotics regularly ordinary catarrh and symptoms of excessive deductible.

Life adviser with vitamins and minerals
Vitamins are co-factors for the mechanism of enzymes and hormones, influencing perkernbangan and function of different organs, making it an important protective factor for the cell.
Minerals are components of the structure of macro-molecules (hormones bone) and is sebahagian than cecair body. He also is sebahagian than enzymes and follow-back berenzim, namely as a liaison and helps move and release oxygen (as elemental iron in erythrocytes and muscle cells).

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